What is an uninsured motorist case?

A car accident with someone who has no insurance is considered an uninsured motorist case. An uninsured motorist case can arise in many ways. Maybe the person who hit you showed an insurance card to the police officer, but did not pay their premium so their insurance was canceled. Maybe the person driving the car which caused the accident was an excluded driver. We have even handled cases where the insurance company for the at fault driver went bankrupt. No matter how it happens, if there is no insurance to cover your [medical bills and lost wages], you have an uninsured motorist case.


Your insurance company will take the place of the uninsured motorist

Many people believe that if they are in an accident with an uninsured motorist, they are unable to make a recovery. This is untrue. Your insurance company steps into the shoes of the uninsured motorist. As such, your insurance company is responsible for not only your medical bills and lost wages but also your pain and suffering as well as other damages caused by the uninsured motorist. But, do not expect that your insurance company will fairly compensate you simply because they are [your insurance company]. You should contact an attorney familiar with uninsured motorist cases to protect your interests.


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