What is a hit and run motorist case?

When someone causes an accident and flees the scene, or gives you fraudulent identification, you will have a hit and run case. A hit and run case is treated similarly to an uninsured motorist case. Many times, our clients or witnesses are able to get a license plate of the car which caused the accident. While this can be important, it is not necessary in order to present a claim for damages in a hit and run accident.


What should I do in a hit and run accident?

Like all accidents, you should properly document your accident. In a hit and run accident, you must make a police report within 24 hours. Failure to do so will likely result in your uninsured motorist claim being denied by your insurance company. If you have a license plate, allow the police to do their job. If they are able to identify the car, they will do so. You should also contact an attorney familiar with hit and run and uninsured motorist cases.


Your insurance company will take the place of the hit and run motorist

Many people believe that if they are in a hit and run accident, they are unable to make a recovery. This is untrue. Your insurance company steps into the shoes of the hit and run vehicle. As such, your insurance company is responsible for not only your [medical bills and lost wages] but also your pain and suffering as well as other damages caused by the hit and run vehicle. But, do not expect that your insurance company will fairly compensate you simply because they are your insurance company.


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