What investigation should be done in a truck accident case?

Prompt investigation of a Chicago truck accident case is very important. Crucial evidence is often lost following an accident involving a tractor trailer. Hiring a lawyer as soon as possible after a truck crash can make a significant difference in the ultimate recovery. Don't wait to speak to a truck crash lawyer.


The facts don't lie, if you can get them!

Most trucks contain an event data recorder (EDR) or black box which can provide evidence of negligence by the truck driver. We can use the data in the EDR to show the truck's speed, braking, pre-crash maneuvers and many other factors which can help prove negligent driving by the truck driver. However, this evidence is lost unless there is a prompt investigation of the truck crash and a timely preservation letter is received by the trucking company.


Connecting the dots through truck drivers' log books

Because interstate truck drivers are held to a higher standard, they must maintain a written log book or journal documenting exactly when they are driving, when they are sleeping, as well as any other activity. Truck drivers may only drive for a certain number of hours per day before they must take a certain of number of hours off duty, i.e. sleeping, eating, resting, etc., The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations (FMCSR) govern how long a truck driver can drive. Many truck accidents are caused by fatigue by drivers who have been driving too long. A driver is only required to keep his driving log of hours for a certain period of time. A truck driver's driving log is a critical piece of evidence in Chicago truck accident cases. Unless your lawyer obtains these logs promptly, they may (and will be) legally destroyed by the truck driver and trucking company. After all, why would the driver who caused the accident want you to know that he shouldn't have been driving at the time he caused your Chicago truck crash.


Lawyers must be familiar with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations

Because truck drivers are regulated by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations (FMCSR), your truck accident lawyer must know the FMCSR even better than the truck driver himself. Familiarity with these trucking regulations is very essential when investigating a Chicago truck accident. The FMCSR are designed to make our highways safer, but many trucking companies and truck drivers do not follow the regulations in order to increase profits. Thoroughly investigating whether a driver or trucking company violated one of these regulations is a crucial part in all truck accident cases.


Investigation of a truck crash case may involve accident reconstruction experts

Sometimes there is a dispute as to how an accident occurred. The truck driver and the trucking company may blame you for the accident. In these types of cases, an accident reconstruction expert may help prove truck driver negligence. All of the investigation discussed above assists a truck accident reconstruction expert recreate the accident. The lawyers at McCready, Garcia & Leet have worked with trucking reconstruction experts to prove our clients' case and make a recovery for their [medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering].

It is important to hire a law firm which is familiar with truck crash cases. Truck accident cases differ significantly from car accident cases. You need a law firm which knows where to look, what to ask and how to prove your trucking accident case. To learn more about your truck accident case, contact McCready, Garcia & Leet for a free no obligation consultation. We encourage you to interview several law firms before deciding on who you want to handle your case. Watch our videos, review our web site, talk to our lawyers and you'll learn why our clients are so satisfied with our representation. To learn more about cases involving truck accidents, see the topics below.


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